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    Underwater shearing machine

    Underwater cutting is a new type of granulator produced in the early stage of the company. The control mode is simple and novel, PLC control and touch screen one-click operation. Both the template and the cutter are made of high wear-resisting material, diversified with the cutting tool, unique cutting tool structure, and the precision of clearance between the cutting knife and the template is guaranteed. The complete set of underwater granulation system produced by our company has been highly recognized by customers at home and abroad.

    Application scope:

    1) elastomer TPU, TPE, TPO, POE, EVA, SBS, etc

    2) thermoplastic PE, PP, PS, PA and corresponding filling, enhanced modification.

    3) low viscosity reaction polymer, various hot melt adhesive



    1)  弹性体 TPU,TPE,TPO,POE,EVA,SBS等
    2)  热塑性塑料PE,PP,PS,PA以及相应填充,增强改性。
    3)  低粘度的反应聚合物,各种热熔胶